Onishchenko accused the US of distributing Zika

According to the former head of Russia’s Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko, guilty of spreading the virus Zika may be located near the borders of Russia military Microbiology Laboratory of the United States Armed Forces. He recalled that in the vicinity of the location of the biological laboratory, located not far from the Black Sea coast of Russia, the facts appearing in the nature of a new subspecies of mosquito recorded since 2012. Last ideal for carrying a deadly virus that causes pronounced pathology born to infected women Zikoy children. The official Pentagon had no immediate response to the words of the supervisory authority of ex-officials for fear of legitimate questions about recorded over the last ten years, cases of “unintentional” the loss of tens of thousands of samples of deadly diseases Americans.

Accusing the US in spreading Zika, Onishchenko expressed fears that the infection-peddlers mosquito virus disease is intentional. This may indicate an attempt to create terrifying biological weapons, causing irreparable damage to the territory of a potential enemy, what the United States continues to call the Russian Federation. Location American laboratory in close proximity to Russia’s borders indicating a high probability of not to publicize research and, apparently, military operations, microbiological weapons proliferation. Zika virus can be the first step towards the creation of the latest generation of weapons, excluding the direct contact of the conflicting parties on the battlefield - for the elimination of the enemy’s operation will be purely one-sided technical.

Onishchenko said that “flammable mixture” of Russia located close to the American military microbiology lab and a new subspecies of mosquito that can carry the deadly disease, clearly points to a deliberate attempt of intervention envisaged in the course of the natural forces of nature epidemic process. Discovered after 2012 kind of mosquito could be “deliberately contaminated,” that is created by and infected with certain objectives by US military, does try to present Russia in the eyes of Europeans and Americans as “aggressive and insolvent-gas stations of the state bearing the mortal danger to all humanity” .

17 February 2016

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