Pentagon will prepare the Georgian military for the mission in Afghanistan

U.S. intends to assist Georgia in training of military deployed to the international coalition in Afghanistan, said Deputy Defense Minister of Georgia Nikoloz Vashakidze. “The Pentagon is planning to provide the Baltic states and Georgia, which sent military contingents to Afghanistan, serious help. It primarily involves the training and equipping our military, as well as a number of other details necessary for successful international operations”, - said N. Vashakidze reporters on Saturday.

27 March 2010

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• The Pentagon will give Ukrainian army intelligence robotic complexes and clearance »»»
Pentagon over the next two months to send to Ukraine a large batch of military equipment and remedies, the most popular for the ATU.
Former Foreign Minister of USSR and ex-Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze on Monday called for an immediate withdrawal of the NATO operation in Afghanistan.
• Obama shared his confidence in the victory over the Taliban in Afghanistan, with the civilian and military experts of a limited contingent of U.S. »»»
President Obama, who flew in Sunday with a surprise visit to Kabul, appeared before U.
“Our airport is civilian and should engage in civil matters - said Atambayev.
• U.S. continues military assistance to Georgia, said the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia »»»
Georgia continues to receive military aid from the United States despite the failure of the American system of training of reservists.

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