American journalist explained why “characteristic of the West” is doomed

Criticized the mocking appeared in the Western media about the presence of Vladimir Putin “autism spectrum disorders” American journalist Phil Butler. The publication on its website American combined all prevalent in the US and the EU stamps of the Russian president, and came to the conclusion that the Russian leader will win, and the West - “f * cking doomed”.

“Corporate spiteful critics in the western hemisphere are now reporting that Putin showed signs of Asperger’s syndrome.” Damn it! “- I say. Here’s my unorthodox view and cynical observations about the past year and a half,” - says Butler appearance in the publication USA Today some “Pentagon report” with information about the “disease of Putin.”

“Informed readers rightly pointed out the following. First, at the present time, Vladimir Putin is the” master of sambo, and has a black belt and a sixth dan in modern form of karate called Kyokushin Kaikan. In addition, he has won the eighth dan in judo. “Secondly, if the press reports as to whether he signs of Asperger’s syndrome are correct, then in that case, according to the classification of the Pentagon, Putin will be set the same disease that has been found billionaire genius and owner of Microsoft’s Bill Gates “- begins his scathing publication of an American journalist.

How stupid consider your audience Western media? - Ask questions Butler. And as an answer immediately recalls that in the West wrote about the “doomed to failure Olympic Games in Sochi.”

“These are the rumors were published in 20000 Western publications of various kinds:
1. Terrorists with terrible force pounce on the administration of the city of Sochi.
2. Wild dogs and wolves devour Russian competitors.
3. The hotel where he stayed came viewers implode.
4. Olympic guests will be checked for their membership to gays.
5. Special gulags constructed for losers Russian athletes.
6. Snow will not “- mocks American journalist.
Next, he lists are promoted in the West “stories” as “Putin - the resurrected Adolf Hitler”, “home to the daughter of Putin” and “Putin knocked flight MH-17.”

“He invaded Crimea (with the help of troops who are already there). He then annexed the peninsula (by requiring a vote of the people and citizens) and, in general, did not kill a single person (as opposed to America, which destroyed several million people over the last 14 years), “- describes attributed to the leader of the Russian” atrocities “Butler ……

11 February 2015

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• Pentagon: two American ships will be in the Black Sea during the Olympic Games »»»
Two U.S. warships will be ready in the Black Sea area in the event of an emergency during the Winter Olympics in Sochi.
• U.S. General Staff proposed to use for the protection of their military technology Sochi »»»
The U.S. Army invited the Russian authorities used to ensure safety during the Olympic Games in Sochi their electronic technology designed to counter improvised bombs in Afghanistan and Iraq.
• U.S. Olympics selected Peter: NBC Universal buying American IOC broadcasting rights to the Games in 2032 for $ 7.65 billion reduces the chances of the Olympics in 2024 in St. Petersburg »»»
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• Ministry of Sports for two days decide on the lawsuit against New York Times »»»
RF Ministry of Sport will decide on filing a claim against the American edition New York Times.
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