Barack Obama: Assad is in power moderate members of the opposition can not switch their forces to fight the LIH

The head of the White House called the Kremlin’s policies in the region wrong because it allegedly hinders fight LIH.

To improve the situation in Syria will take a considerable amount of time and there are no “miracle action” can not be here. Such a statement, US President Barack Obama made during an interview to CBS.

The protracted crisis in Syria that killed more than 250 thousand people, and 12 million more have been forced from their homes, has become the main theme of the program “60 Minutes,” which took the head of the White House. Lack of progress on this issue, Obama explained the conflict of interest.

- The precarious situation in Syria, where they play several players, including in Syria, there can be no miraculous measures, - he explained his idea.

At the same time, Barack Obama said that Moscow’s policy in the region is irregular. According to him, while Kremlin-backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power, many members of the moderate opposition will not be able to switch the power to fight the LIH (the organization banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme Court. - Comm. LifeNews).

However, the assistance that Russia has Ashad, the assurances of Obama, was not a surprise to the White House.

- We have good intelligence. We knew that Russia plans to provide military assistance to Syria, as she was afraid that the Assad regime will collapse - said the US president.

12 October 2015

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