US militants LIH retreating on all fronts

Terrorists “Islamic State” (banned in Russia) are retreating on all fronts. So on Sunday, August 21, said Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, came recently in the position of commander of the combined forces of the US-led international coalition against the terrorist organization. This is stated in the press release, the coalition headquarters.


According to Townsend, the coalition over the last year has made a lot of efforts to weaken and defeat the regime “Islamic State” (banned in Russia). Joint efforts of coalition members contributed to the fact that the terrorists were thrown in all directions, also managed to strengthen its efforts to the final defeat of the IG (prohibited in the Russian Federation).

Recall that the anti-terrorist coalition led by the US strikes on the positions of militants in Iraq and Syria. However, the air strikes in Syria, the US Air Force carried out without the consent of the authorities of Damascus.

Townsend on Sunday, August 21 took command from Lieutenant General Sean McFarland at the ceremony, which was held “in Southeast Asia,” and has collected hundreds of soldiers who take part in the fight against the coalition.

So, earlier, in the beginning of August, already a former lieutenant general of the US Army Shawn McFarland said that IG (banned in Russia) suffer a massive defeat in Syria and Iraq. Terrorists in these areas, according to McFarland, there are not more than 15 thousand.

23 August 2016

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During the briefing, State Department spokesman Mark Toner, RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan asked to comment on the position of the United States.

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