EU may introduce visa requirements for US citizens

The EU has threatened to re-introduce visas for citizens of the US, if the US Congress passes a law that would prohibit entry into the United States of the EU representatives who visited Syria, Iraq, Iran or Sudan.

This was announced on Wednesday, the European portal EUObserver.

“This decision was made by the permanent representatives of 28 member countries in the planned meeting on December 14 in Brussels”, - he said.

The legislation on the possibility of exclusion from visa-free short-term travel between the EU and the United States was prepared by US lawmakers after the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November, which staged the citizens of France and the Belgian of Moroccan origin who participated in the fighting in Syria and Iraq.
The new bill

December 9th US House of Representatives passed a bill limiting the free entry to the US territory for citizens of some countries. The document was developed in connection with the terrorist threat, including the recent attacks in Paris and California town of San Bernardino, which were committed by immigrants from Muslim countries.

In support of the bill voted 407 Congressmen against - only 19. It is expected that it will also be approved by the Senate and then signed by President Barack Obama. It is possible that the document will be part of the budget resolution on the financing of a number of federal ministries and departments, which continues to be debated in Congress.

The new bill tightens border controls and introduce some restrictions for citizens of 38 countries - the United States’ closest allies, including NATO members, who are allowed visa-free entry to the US territory. Now, those who visited Iraq, Syria, Iran, or Sudan in the last five years, will be able to get into the United States only for an entry visa, after having passed all the relevant checks.
High-risk areas

Iraq and Syria are considered to be areas at high risk, because there is wielding terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG, banned in Russia). Iran and Sudan are still on the US list of States sponsors of terrorism.

“Five thousand people are members of the Visa Waiver Program and having the passports of Western countries went to Iraq or Syria in the last five years”, - said the leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy. According to him, “it is necessary to eliminate these gaps” in national legislation and the system of social security.

In addition, the bill provides for an exception to the US Visa Waiver Program Citizens of those countries whose governments do not cooperate sufficiently with the US administration in the fight against international terrorism ………

17 December 2015

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