US special forces fired from a military base in Libya (expulsion occurred without incident)

Special Forces soldiers fired from the US air base in Libya for some time after their arrival to one of the air bases of Libya, AFP reported citing a representative of the Pentagon.

Recognition of an American officer followed the appearance of photos on the Facebook page of the Libyan army. They have seen a small group of armed men in civilian clothes.

It really is “American soldiers,” admitted an official of the Ministry of Defense. According to him, they arrived in Libya “by agreement with the Libyan authorities” for “the development of relations and improving relations with the Libyan National Army.”

However, “local militias” asked the Americans to immediately leave the location immediately after their arrival, the US continued the source.

“To avoid a conflict,” the US military is “no loss incidents“, - he added. According to him, “it was not the first” Such visits US military in Libya continued American officer, refused to provide more specific information.

18 December 2015

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More precisely, its geo-teegginga determining the user’s location on the map and marking the place where the photo was taken.
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