The National Interest: the United States lacks critical aircraft carriers to address global challenges

Number of carriers ready for use in operations in the Middle East and South China Sea, has reached a critical point - they have too little to fulfill global challenges, writes The National Interest.

MOSCOW, January 9 - RIA Novosti. In 2016, the US Navy will face a significant shortage of aircraft carriers in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, writes The National Interest.

From the lack of the required number of vessels affected primarily the US military campaign in Syria against the militants “Islamic state”, as well as the operation of the US Navy in the South China Sea, the newspaper notes. In recent years, to address the Pentagon’s number of carriers reduced to ten, while under US law the fleet must have eleven ships - in 2013. Congress approved the request of the military leadership of the decommissioning aircraft carrier “Enterprise” (USS Enterprise, CVN-65) has served the Navy for 50 years.

“The Enterprise” sacrificed in favor of the vessel “Gerald R.Ford” (USS Gerald R.Ford, CVN-78), whose commissioning was originally scheduled for 2016, but the gap between the decommissioning of the previous model and the new supply was much greater than expected, added NI.

“It was expected that the period when the fleet will remain ten aircraft carriers, last fourteen months, but now the gap has widened to eight years because of additional testing impact resistance of the vessel, included in the preparatory period”, - he told the publication Navy Times analyst at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary assessment Brian Clark.
The critical point is that the US Navy aircraft carriers are now too small to fulfill its global commitments, according to the material.

“It is obvious that the reduction of aircraft carrier fleet from sixteen to less than twelve vessels after the Cold War was a mistake. The US Navy needs at least sixteen aircraft carriers”, - concludes the National Interest.

9 January 2016

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