Reversing concrete

Yes, you read it right - “reversing” the concrete. It sounds like an oxymoron, because concrete is known for its stability, strength and perseverance. Well, at least until now it was.

Late last year, Chicago Architecture Biennial company research laboratory at MIT and ETH Zurich have demonstrated a process that can replace concrete, using only 3-D printing extruder, rocks, metal thread and smart design.

Simply put, this method connects the rocks in any desired form. Disassemble the design is also very simple - get enough thread.

Combining rocks together algorithmically placing metallic threads, the team created a column to display in 13-foot-tall (3.9 meters).

“We use a similar technique for powder printing,” explains Skylar Tibbits (Skylar Tibbits). “The material is a layer-by-layer, and the binder (in this case filament) is applied to each layer in a certain pattern.”

“The ability to produce the structure in digital form, to disassemble and assemble again without any significant loss changes the paradigm of architecture, as well as the appearance of a permanent / temporary architecture,” says project manager Tom Andreas (Andreas Thoma).

17 March 2016

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Here it is, “Horn of plenty”. American scientists have developed the concept of edible printer called “Cornucopia” (cornucopia).
• American student has invented self-renewing concrete »»»
Michel Pelletier, engineering student at the University of Rhode Island, managed to develop a self-renewing concrete, which is also environmentally friendly.
• Americans are "printed" on the 3D-printer, the world's first metal gun »»»
The American company Solid Concepts "printed" metal three-dimensional working model of the army pistol caliber M1911 .
• Plastic Logic has developed a color flexible display »»»
MOSCOW, May 14 - RIA Novosti, Vladislav Biryukov. The company Plastic Logic has developed a flexible color display for e-book reader.
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Manage the objects on the PDA or smartphone can be the usual shift of the device in one direction or another.

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