Time named five reasons why the European Union has become the main purpose of the IG

Explosions in Brussels showed that the European Union has become a prime target of Islamist terrorism and for this there are several reasons, says Time magazine.

First of all, for the acts of terrorism soil has been prepared already. It all started in the spring of 2014, when a French citizen, associated with the “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia), opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Belgium. This was followed by the attack on the editor of the French weekly Charlie Hebdo and Paris attacks last fall. As a result, killing more than 185 people. Total IG suit (or pushed others to commit) about 75 terrorist attacks in 20 countries, not including Iraq and Syria.
The stronger replacing IG from the Middle East, the clearer becomes the threat from the IG to the world, the magazine writes.

Second, Europe has become a sort of base for recruitment in the IG. Terrorists choose the city for not accidental attacks. In 2012-2015, more than 400 people went from Belgium to Syria and Iraq to join the IG. From France, during this period 1,200 people left. Thus, Paris and Brussels became the European “capitals”, supplying the largest number of foreign fighters in the Middle East, the article says.

The third reason - the incessant migration crisis that IG also uses as a recruitment tool. In 2015, Europe came to more than 1.1 million refugees since the beginning of this year - 135 thousand. The crisis provides radicals with migrants “golden opportunity” to provoke a split between the Muslim East and the West. Many European leaders of its policies played into the hands of the Islamists, saying that they would only accept Christian refugees, writes Time.

Fourth, the IG enjoys ever-increasing split in the European Union. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is actually a major leader in the EU, with great difficulty managed to reach an agreement with Turkey on refugees, promising her a visa-free regime. However, after the attacks of the Europeans in Brussels even more reluctant to perceive that Turkish citizens will be free to move around Europe. Leaders of a number of countries have already started talking about the return of internal borders in the EU. However, it may put an end to the Schengen area, and with it endanger the European project as a whole, the article says.

Finally, Europe weakens the impending referendum in Britain. If such an important country for the EU will come from its composition, it would call into question the very existence of the European Union. In addition, 53% of French, 45% of Germans, Spaniards and Swedes want to hold their own referendums. One can only imagine what would happen if a terrorist attack occurs on the eve of a vote in Britain. At IG leaders have plenty of opportunities to destabilize the EU, writes Time.

23 March 2016

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Source: cdn13.img22.ria.ru MOSCOW, May 5 - RIA Novosti. The vast majority of residents of France.

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