The first car apple appeared suspiciously like a forgotten Soviet project

Published today photos of the machine, which many felt Apple’s prototype electric car[/t:t[t:tag slug=mashina]car, made history of the domestic auto industry experts think about the innovative car that appeared half a century ago, but he did not follow in the series.
Car under the name proizaichnym VNIITE-PT was developed in Moscow in the mid-sixties and was an attempt to build a specialized vehicle for work in the service of a taxi. This car was originally to take into account the specifics of taxi transport, but not customized by its structure of a conventional serial machines. In the name of the machine have been encrypted essence of the project (PT - promising a taxi) and the name of the institutions involved in the development (All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics).

Of course, the question of similarity between the Soviet and American prototype was raised as a joke - but note the similarity of color solutions and stickers on the hood.

The distinctive features of the PT-VNIITE were layout (the engine from the car “Moskvich” in the rear), practicality (broad sliding door, a flat floor in the lounge) and good value for spaciousness and compactness. Legroom in the test car was significantly higher than in mass-produced cars, then used as a taxi.
The car was built in a single copy and has passed a series of tests on the streets of Moscow, after which the question was raised about the construction of an experimental batch of PT-VNIITE factory in Yerevan. However, due to a number of organizational and production reasons the case it did not come - in addition, the idea of ​​a car specifically for a taxi and did not become vernacular.
Published today, the first photos of the car, which is considered a test prototype electric Apple’s, reminded indifferent to the domestic auto industry to people half-forgotten Soviet project. Did the creators of the “Apple-mobile” promising Soviet taxi inspired in reality, it will be possible to ask the representatives of IT-companies at the premiere of the serial car, scheduled for 2020.

23 April 2016

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