Dreamliner makes a vertical takeoff

Online video is gaining popularity, which shows a vertical takeoff airliner Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Video posted on YouTube-channel aircraft manufacturer, for two days, was viewed nearly 1.3 million times.

An unusual and difficult for such a large civilian side of the trick was demonstrated at the ongoing Farnborough Air Show in the UK. At the helm of the liner was the pilot of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways.

Boeing 787-9 is designed for 290 passengers. Aircraft length - 63 meters, wingspan - 60.17 and a maximum takeoff weight - 254 tons. The aircraft is capable of flying at speeds of 956 kilometers per hour. For the first time aboard took off in September 2013, and commercial flights in this embodiment, the Dreamliner began almost a year later.

12 July 2016

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• The new Boeing-787 Dreamliner could not stand the test flight »»»
In the U.S. state of Texas, the aircraft Boeing-787 Dreamliner aircraft made an emergency landing due to smoke in the cabin that arose during the test flight.
• "Dreamliner" made its first flight across the Pacific Ocean and arrived in Tokyo »»»
In Japan, the aircraft will be additional testing that will guide local experts All Nippon Airways, and then due to start operation of the aircraft.
• Cargo Boeing 747-8 made its first flight »»»
Boeing has held on Monday, January 7, the first flight test of a new cargo aircraft 747-8, reports AFP.
• Popular Science magazine named four of the best military achievements in 2010 »»»
The American magazine Popular Science has published a list of one hundred of the best technical achievements of 2010, which also hit four military invention.
• Le nouveau Boeing 787 Dreamliner-ne pouvait pas supporter le vol d'essai »»»
Dans l’état américain du Texas, l’avion Boeing-787 Dreamliner a fait un atterrissage d’urgence en raison de fumée dans la cabine qui ont surgi pendant le vol d’essai.

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