Exactly 80 back in America ended the era of “Prohibition”

December 5, 1933 entered into American history as Repeal Day (day cancellation). And still in the bars made to celebrate this day raising his glass at 21.00 (in honor of the 21 th Amendment withdrawn its action). Prohibition lasted as long as 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes and 30 seconds, and certainly left an indelible mark in history as America, so, probably, and the rest of the world.

In New York, a “dry” it is time that could be called a stretch. According to various estimates, from 30 000 to 100 000 establishments selling illegal alcohol and the one who wanted to drink could do at any time without any problems. For comparison, in 2012 throughout the state of New York had about 55,000 establishments licensed to sell alcohol. As you know, the lack of places where you can buy alcohol at the time of “Prohibition” was not only a taboo only gave visual process. There is no doubt that the ban on alcohol had an effect, but what. What gave America this time?

- Prohibition undermined respect for the law, as suddenly made so many criminals or accomplices. Most men could not imagine life without not a drink or two with friends at the bar. For immigrants from many European countries such as Italy, it was an integral part of their centuries-old culture. Yes, most Americans did not consider alcohol a peculiar evil and a ban on its use has hit the self-esteem and their habits. First time in U.S. history, the state intervened in the privacy of citizens and was telling them what is good and what is bad, and most misunderstood and injustice of such intervention.

- Prohibition undermined respect for religion. The main proponents of the ban were evangelists who advocated absolute sobriety. They believed that if alcohol recognize outlaw, God bless America. But among many other denominations were prominent proponents of the ban, who believed that he could change American society and make people and country better. As a result, their “good” initiative has generated more problems than drinking itself, that caused many to question the validity of these values. Many moved to the less conservative currents of Christianity, but someone did turn away from God.

5 December 2013

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