Of New York will pay 330 thousand. Dollars to participants movement “Occupy Wall Street”

Authorities in New York have agreed to pay six participants anti-corporate movement “Occupy Wall Street” 330 thousand. Dollars to settle their claims allegations of excessive force to them and mutilation by the police of the metropolis. This was announced on Monday, attorney Mark Taylor, who represented the interests of the demonstrators.

“We think this is a good compensation for those injuries that were caused by my clients - he said. - Settlement of claims of claims reflects the awareness of the city authorities that they are responsible for the incident.” According to Taylor, one of his clients will receive the sum of $ 52 thousand. To 60 thousand. Dollars.

How, in turn, said the representative of the New York Department of Justice Nicholas Paolucci, “to settle the case was in the interest of the city.”

This incident occurred in September 2011, a few days after the members of the movement “Occupy Wall Street” launched a campground in a park in the financial district of New York. As alleged activists filed a lawsuit, one of the police inspectors in an attempt to keep the group of protesters, he used force and sprayed in their eyes the contents pepper spray. The incident was captured on video by one of the protesters, and later posted on the Internet. After that, the police, whose name is listed in court documents as Anthony Bologna, was dismissed from the service for a few days, but no further sanctions against it are not followed.

The movement of anti-globalization and anti-corporate orientation of “Occupy Wall Street”, began on the same street in New York in 2011, subsequently affected dozens of cities in the US and other countries. In total, during those performances were arrested a few thousand people. A significant part of its influence and popularity of the movement lost after the dissolution of the tent camps of protesters in major US cities. Officials from the New York City Police said earlier that security during the protests arranged by the parties “Occupy Wall Street” cost the city about $ 17 million cost.

7 July 2015

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