U.S. Navy interest in martial-stealth UAV

Navy over the next ten years will develop a carrier-based strike and reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UCLASS), which will be built with the use of stealth technology, said Flightglobal. March 19, 2010 the Navy issued a request for information about these vehicles. As expected, the first few prototypes of the UAV will be established by the end of 2018, and mass production can be deployed in 2020.

According to the requirements of military, unmanned systems must include between four and six UAVs, capable in the air for 11-14 hours without refueling. The device must be held on board a wide range of weapons, as well as various sensors, which will enable it to carry out reconnaissance missions. The launching of rockets and bombs must be reset to the operator.

To accelerate the development of the U.S. Navy will use the current operating time. Now American companies are creating three devices, which are almost completely satisfy the requirements of the Navy. In particular, Northrop Grumman is developing a carrier-based X-47B, capable of carrying missiles, lasers and bombs. Related development led Boeing and General Atomics - Phantom Ray and Avenger, respectively.

These development are in various stages of readiness. For example, Boeing and Northrop Grumman expects to raise its UAVs in the air in late 2010.

24 March 2010

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