Congress criticizes China and Microsoft, praised Google

Two days after Google stopped censoring search results in China, Congress praised the actions of companies, while the Peking government criticizes Google.

29 March 2010

The court in the United States confirmed that the arrested assets and accounts of Rosneft Yukos to the claim of 419 million dollars
At the Pentagon, the bees are taught to look for explosives, but in the long term - and drugs

• U.S. Congress called on Microsoft to stop following the example of Google censoring search results »»»
An undeclared war between China and the United States flared up even more.
• Denial from Google's censorship angered China »»»
Chinese authorities called the “fundamentally wrong” decision to stop the filtering of Google search queries of users from China.
• Largest registrars of domain names ceased to operate in China »»»
Go Daddy and Network Solutions, the world’s two largest American companies that sell internet address of the site.
• China: "Google - a tool of U.S. foreign policy" »»»
Chinese state media have accused Google of that company is an instrument of foreign policy the U.
• BP is spending $ 10,000 a day out in the top for "oil spill" »»»
The company British Petroleum, which is PR-campaign to restore the shaken after the accident on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico image.

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