A police officer in Los Angeles shot at teen with toy gun

A police officer in Los Angeles wounded 15-year-old schoolboy Jamarah Nicholson, who was holding a toy gun.

According to the teenager, at 7.40 am he and his friends went to school when I heard a loud shout: “Stop!”. Turning, he saw Jamar man in civilian clothes, who, as it turned out, proved to be an officer. In the hands of the guardian of order had a gun.

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A moment later, the teenager was already lying on the ground with a bullet in the back. In the hospital he was taken in handcuffs.

As it turned out, in the hands of Jamarah was a toy gun, which was the cause of the behavior of the police. Already in hospitals teenager told about the error, writes the Los Angeles Times.

This is not the first such incident in the United States. A similar tragedy occurred on November 22 last year, when the Cleveland Police Department received a report that a man with a gun is on the playground near the city recreation center. Arrived at the two law enforcement officers found at the 12-year-old boy and told him to raise his hands. He did not obey and put his hand in his belt. At this point, one of the officers fired two shots. The bullets hit the child in the chest, and the next day he died.

In the police department made it clear that the boy was found air gun, which is a replica of a semi-automatic pistol. In such a situation, as has been said, the police acted in strict accordance with the instructions and had every right to shoot to kill.

13 February 2015

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In the city of Brownsville (Texas) by local police was shot and killed a schoolboy, reports Associated Press.
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