On Earth, there was the first “genetically modified” woman

For the first time in history a little more than a month ago began a stunning scientific experiment: the first woman in the world had changed their genes to be forever young.
Doctors decided to turn back the biological clock, intervening in the genome of an adult woman. American researcher Elizabeth Parrish introduced genetic material into a vein, which should penetrate the nucleus of every cell and start the changes that stop aging and rejuvenate the body.

At the same time, a revolutionary therapy has never been tested in humans[/[t:tag slug=chelovek]humans, it can cause unknown side effects.

Answering the question of publication of the possible risks, Elizabeth Parrish said: “I am well aware that I could seriously hurt. But at the same time, understand that if you do not, you still die from diseases that come with aging. If the experiment proves successful, it will help save millions of people. ”

She confesses that her family, friends and colleagues to support such a move. “The elderly population is increasing worldwide, and that the people who have the potential to be healthy, strong and able to take care of themselves, and not to end their days in wheelchairs in nursing homes,” - explains his decision courageous woman.

2 November 2015

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At the University of Wyoming (University of Wyoming) have tested the method of genetic modification of goats, which makes the composition of their milk is very specific.

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