Dmitry Efimov: US strategic missile defense system “Aegis” protect the interests of the LIH

Gain grouping US destroyers equipped with missile defense “Aegis” is not due to the strategic objectives of the struggle against intercontinental ballistic missiles in the global European missile defense and tactical objectives of the suppression of the Assad regime in Syria and indirect support of LIH.

August 20, it became known that the group of three destroyers of the US Navy, based on the naval base, “Roth” in the Spanish province of Cadiz, in the near future will replenish the fourth ship. All destroyers equipped with modern sea-based missile defense system “Aegis” (Aegis), which is one of the most important parts of the US global missile defense, set in the world, in spite of an agreement with Russia.

The official reason for the strengthening of the Mediterranean group, according to the US Department of Defense, is the de-alerting of missile defense “Partiot” (Patriot), located on the territory of Turkey as a NATO member country. In addition, a representative of the Navy US kommondor Pamela Rowe stressed: “forward deployment of four ships - part of the” European Phased Adaptive Approach “(EPAA), which provides for the use of the ships with missile defense system” Aegis “and ground facilities” Aegis “to protect Europe from ballistic missile threats from the Middle East. ” “The United States is committed to the defense of our NATO allies, including Turkey,” - she added.

“Aegis”, she’s “Aegis” / Aegis, in the American version of “Zeus shield” protecting America and its NATO allies. In the Mediterranean theater of operations now constitute the shield esmintsyklassa “Arleigh Burke” (Arleigh Burke): “Ross” (Ross, DDG-71), “Donald Cook” (Donald Cook, DDG-75) and “Porter” (Porter, DDG -78) from the naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, and replenish the destroyer group “Roots” (Carney, DDG-64) from Mayport, Florida. However, what this shield just shit, showed an incident April 12, 2015 with the destroyer “Donald Cook” unarmed when the Russian Su-24 makes it circled with the use of radio-electronic warfare “Khibiny” as a result of which the system “Aegis” completely “blind”, and 27 American sailors, coming “to the bank,” wrote a letter of resignation.

All ships of this class are equipped with multifunctional combat information and control system - MBIUS consisting of a network of sensors and computers, as well as shock-fighting agents in the form of interceptor missiles of first generation 2 Standard missile (SM-2) and the second - Standard missile 3 (SM -3), the launch of which is made of two units of universal vertical puskaMk-41 below deck. In turn, Mk-41 is 48, and in the case of the “Ross” - 45 also versatile starting from cells which attention can be triggered not only missiles perehvatchikiMS-2 and MS-3, and cruise missiles, surface-to-surface “Tomahawk “(Tomahawk). The ability to use the cells to launch anti-missile “Asrok” (Asroc) can not yet be seen, it only affects the defenses groups in the campaign.

21 August 2015

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