The White House took the secrecy by stating Clinton about “huge potential” of Putin

According to the released by the White House documents and transcripts from which was declassified, former US President Bill Clinton during his presidency spoke positively about the new Russian leader Vladimir Putin, writes The New York Times.

Documents published by Washington to contain transcripts of telephone conversations, Bill Clinton, and then served as Prime Minister of Great Britain Tony Blair. Archive covers the period from 1 May 1997 to 13 December 2000. As noted by The New York Times, the tone of conversation between the two leaders said that between them friendly relations. Blair and Clinton discussed his children and household chores. The leaders also shared their views on world politics.

In particular, in one of the conversations Bill Clinton shared his impressions of the new Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I think Putin has huge potential,” - said Clinton.

“I think he is very smart and thoughtful. I think we can do good things with it” - emphasized the US president. At the same time Clinton, on the other hand said that Putin’s intentions “as a rule, noble and simple, but it just has not decided. It could get caught up in democracy.”

As noted by The New York Times, published transcripts of conversations Bill Clinton could complicate his wife Hillary, who is now running for president of the United States, conducting the election campaign.

In September, Clinton told myself, what quality it attracts Russian President Vladimir Putin. His recognition of the US presidential candidate has done in a joking manner during a speech in Washington.

“Putin has little traits that I admire, but that he can stand up and say:” I will be your next president, “you know, has its appeal,” - he joked Clinton during a quiz.

Earlier, in July this year, Clinton called Putin’s “tough man” and called for a more intelligent policy in relations with the Russian leader. “That’s why we need to be much smarter in how we behave with Putin and his ambition. & Lt; … & gt; It is a difficult person & lt; … & gt; But I do not think there’s any other alternative constant interaction “, - she said.

8 January 2016

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