Edward Snowden: United States intelligence agencies are able to leave without internet the whole country

Edward Snowden gave an interview with Wired, which revealed new details of his work for the CIA and the NSA, which had not previously told journalists. For example, about how the NSA off the Internet all over Syria, and of how spyware can commit cyber attack anywhere in the world. He admitted that he often participated in hacker attacks on civilian targets located abroad.

The family Snowdens all somehow worked for the federal government, and Edward was no exception. At the same time, he claims that the security services have attracted him the opportunity to study foreign languages. Index IQ-test Snowden equals 145, and that made it a desirable candidate. Obstacle was the injury he broke both legs during training, according to an article in Wired, which leads InoTV.

However, this did not prevent Snowden obtain a position in the CIA, in the department of communications and computer technologies in Langley, Virginia. There he learned one of the main secrets of the CIA: contrary to the brilliant image, its technology is largely outdated.

Once in Geneva, Snowden has repeatedly met spies who were opposed to American policy in the Middle East. To give more information about the methods of warfare, Snowden increasingly disappointed with himself. This was especially evident when President Bush. “We tortured people and we illegally intercepted telephone conversations,” - said Snowden.

By the spring of 2013, when Edward Snowden joined the firm Booz Allen, he was very disappointed and lost all ability to be surprised. One intelligence officer told him that the TAO - a division of hackers - taken in 2012, an attempt to install a bug on the main router of a large ISP Syria, which had already been covered by the civil war. Thus, the NSA would get access to the electronic mailboxes of traffic and most of the country. But something went wrong, and the router was blocked and fully came into disrepair. Internet disappeared throughout Syria, but residents were not even aware that this special service to blame the United States.

According to Snowden, government hackers were in a panic. They were desperately trying to work remotely adjust the router from their best to cover their tracks, the Syrians could not find a job spyware, allowing Americans to enter the network. But they failed to do.

To a great success for the NSA, the Syrians were more concerned with the restoration of the Internet than tracking hackers. In TAO then joked: “If we get caught, you can always move the hands on Israel.”

Information about the mass surveillance of the NSA were shocking in itself, but even more impressed Snowden truly anti-utopian program called Monstermind. This program allows you to detect the source of cyber attacks from abroad. The program keeps track of changes in traffic, indicating the possible start of a cyber attack and “kill” a malicious program when trying to infiltrate the network of the country ……….

14 August 2014

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