NSA tried to hack the software “Kaspersky Lab”

According to the documents stolen by Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency (NSA), the United States and the British Government Communications Centre (CPF) were looking for vulnerabilities in anti-virus software “Kaspersky Lab”. This was announced on Monday, June 22 Intersept site.

The aim was to obtain anti-virus hacking of confidential customer information. To this end, the NSA tried to track data that the software “Kaspersky Lab” is sent to the server of the company. Intersept notes that partially succeeded.

To identify weaknesses technology was used so-called reverse engineering software. Among other things, it is a violation of copyright.

Anti-virus software, according to security experts, is the “ideal target” for potential attackers. It gives more opportunities for surveillance compared with other software, because the operating system provides antivirus access even to the kernel and the root directory.

“Kaspersky Lab”, a Russian company specializing in cyber security, has more than 270,000 corporate clients. The number of individual users exceeds 400 million people. In early June, its experts spoke about the large-scale cyber attack, which was subjected to a system of corporate companies in the spring of 2015. According to them, according to the objectives and the level of preparation, the invasion could be funded at the state level.

23 June 2015

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