US presidential candidate supported the wall itself off from Canada

US enclosure walls from the outside world seems to have become an obsession for presidential candidates. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who claims to be nominated for election in 2016 on the Republican Party, told television channel NBC, that the construction of the wall on the border with Canada is “quite reasonable”.
Earlier, another contender, Republican businessman Donald Trump promised, if elected, to build a wall on the Mexican border and force the Government to pay for the construction. Such a measure, in his opinion, should be to reduce the influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States.

North American supplier neighbor “illegals” is not, however, Canada has not pleased the governor of Wisconsin that from its territory to the United States can penetrate the terrorists. “People of the State of New Hampshire (State of the north of the United States bordering with Canada) asked me questions on this topic and a half weeks ago, on one of the public meetings. They, including law enforcement officers, there are legitimate concerns - said Walker . - So consider this question (about the construction of the wall) is quite reasonable. ” He added that anti-terrorist measures “should not be limited to the construction of walls and border security, but also include the provision of special services all the necessary capabilities to fight terrorism.”

It should be noted that, in general, for sufficiently long borders the United States got not the most troubled neighbors - Canada and the north side of Mexico to the south. None of these countries do not directly threaten the United States militarily. The border with Mexico is traditionally a gateway to the US for the flow of illegal migrants as most of Mexico and other Latin American countries. In addition, the United States is the market for the narcotic drugs produced in Central and South America, and a considerable part of them falls into the United States across the Mexican border.

The remoteness of the United States from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and has long been a natural geographical protection: although over the last hundred years, America has participated in many wars in each of these regions, but on its continental territory was not possible to fight the Americans.

31 August 2015

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