Syria’s ambassador to Russia: the hospital in Idlib province destroyed Americans

Hospital “Physicians without Borders” has destroyed the US Air Force in the Syrian province of Idlib. About this in a live TV channelRussia 24″ on February 15, said Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad. At the same time the Syrian diplomat referred to the received from the scene intelligence.
At the same time the Syrian ambassador also touched on the humanitarian aspects. According to him, there is no humanitarian tragedies in the territories that are under the control of government forces. Reports of a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria from the pages and screens of Western media Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad described have nothing to do with the truth.

At the same time the Syrian diplomat stressed that the Turkish authorities have passed through the border in Syria, hundreds of militants with weapons. Daily statements by Saudi Arabia and other countries of the intention to launch ground operation in Syria, according to Syria’s ambassador to Moscow, in fact, say that “they want to intervene in Syrian affairs, in order to save the terrorism.”

“First of all, Saudi Arabia does not seek to ensure that end the” Islamic state “and terrorism. Secondly, Saudi Arabia is a very hard war in Yemen, it is not out to go out through there to be seen. For what they want ? come to Syria we will steadfastly resist with our allies do not know what the Saudis are doing, what will be their script operation, but I’m optimistic about the future of Syria, they will achieve nothing, our army will give a fitting rebuff, “-.. gentleman said Haddid.

At the same time the Syrian ambassador stressed that Damascus does not react to different ethnic nature calls.
“The Kurdish people is one of the most important elements of the Syrian Arab people, this is the part of our people who live in our territory, and has its own rights and obligations”, - said the ambassador, responding to a question about the prospects of the Kurds participation in mezhsiriyskih negotiations.

On the other hand, the ambassador said, the Syrian opposition delegation at the Geneva talks did not represent all sides of the conflict. “This delegation can not say that is the entire Syrian people”, - said Riyad Haddad.

16 February 2016

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