Italian Foreign Ministry confirmed the ability to launch US drones from Sicily. We are not talking about the beginning of military operations in Libya

The Italian Foreign Ministry has commented on media reports about the possible use of bases in Sicily to launch US drones.

As explained by the head of department, Paolo Gentiloni, the issuance of such a permit does not mean the beginning of military operations (in Libya - Ed.)..

“Permission to use the database only confirms our cooperation with the US in the field of defense, we are not talking about an attack”, - he quotes the Minister TASS.
Dzhentiloni added that in this case we have in mind not only Libya, “but the anti-terrorist operation as a whole.”

The Minister stressed that the final decision will take the Ministry of Defence of the country.

Earlier, Reuters, citing a source in the Ministry of Defense of Italy reported that Rome agreed to send US combat drones to the Sigonella military base in the fight against the US-led international coalition against the “Islamic State” (banned in Russia a terrorist organization).

The resolution, which the Americans sought more than a year, applies only to the defensive mission, the agency said.

Sigonella - a key NATO military base in Sicily, which housed about two thousand American soldiers.

23 February 2016

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The beginning of the war without the approval of the President of the Congress will be grounds for impeachment.

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