Hamid Karzai in an interview with RT: The US and its allies have failed to achieve a sustainable Afghan security

Ex-Afghan President Hamid Karzai in an exclusive interview with RT notes that US forces and their allies alone to defeat terrorism and to achieve safety have not been successful in the region. To cope with the threat of possible only with the help of other leading countries of the world - in particular, Russia. Karzai also said that religious extremism seeds were sown during the Cold War, when the US created “green arc of tension” around the Soviet Union.

Hamid Karzai - a man who fell in Afghanistan to lead, perhaps the most difficult years for the country: from 2001 to 2004, he headed an interim administration, and then, until 2014, was president of Afghanistan. In an interview with RT Karzai recalled that the original objective to rid the country of terrorists managed “quite quickly”.

“We drove the terrorists, and the life was adjusted - three or four years she was safe and peaceful progress came to us, opened the school, began to revive the economy.” - He says.

Afghans had great hopes and a lot accomplished, but Karzai admits, could not build on the success in the field of security and the fight against terrorism. Today, Kabul is aware of the increased vulnerability to terrorist threat - according to the ex-President, today the level of extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan is even higher than before. In order to successfully resist it, you must also take steps in relation to funding.

“The fight against terrorism will not succeed if we do not keep her safe haven to terrorists, their training bases. We have to fight this on the motivation level to eliminate US funding sources. And its allies have failed to achieve sustainable security in Afghanistan, definitively destroy extremism and get rid of the radical elements, because they struggled with this in Afghan villages, where just was not terrorism. they are not attacked seekers and training terrorist bases in Pakistan, did not fight with their motivation, not blocked the financing channels, although they knew where Therefore, the money goes, our country has suffered and continues to suffer, if you do not take all these actions “, -. Karzai stressed.

In addition, according to the ex-president, for a successful fight against terrorism, the leading countries of the world - including Russia, the USA, India and China - must work together.

“We already know that success is not achieved if you do not touch the shelter, sources of financing and so on. And if this is impossible to cope on their own, you need to ask for help from Russia, China and India, in this case, especially to Russia, because it close to us, we have a long history, and it has the ability to do this, along with the rest of the world I invite the uS and do, and I hope that this will happen “-. Karzai expressed hope.

He mentioned the former president of Afghanistan, and the original cause of the extremist groups in the country. Trying to counter the Soviet presence in the country, the United States and its allies have relied on religious radicalism, reminds Karzai.

“The idea of ​​radicalism was unsuccessful, but the resistance movement and the struggle for freedom were, of course, necessary, but what our resistance has been used as a tool for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the imposition of religious extremism -. It was wrong, and it is now paying the price and . Afghanistan and the entire region Even the United States have suffered from it - I mean the attacks of September 11, 2001 “- reminded Karzai.

The practice, when the militants are trained in one country and then sent to fight in the other - that the world is watching over the past decades - was worked back then, sure Karzai.

“These seeds were sown at a time when there was a widespread concept of American and other Western politicians on the establishment of” the arc of tension “around the Soviet Union, some even talked about” green arc of tension. “All this is true, because then we have witnessed the cold war - the confrontation between . USSR with its allies and the US and its allies we were in the midst of this conflict, we were its victims the effects of those processes are felt by us to this day “, -. Hamid Karzai stressed.

Ex-Afghan President arrived in Moscow to participate in a conference on international security Russian Defense Ministry, which runs 27 and 28 April. The main theme of this, the fifth in a row, the conference was the fight against terrorism. The conference also planned to raise the issue of security in the Asia-Pacific region, to discuss the problems of war and peace in Europe, to address issues of global security and military cooperation. Special attention will be paid to the situation in the Middle East, the role of the armed forces in countering the “color revolutions”, the security in Central Asia.

27 April 2016

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