Professor Stanford: IGC decision on the Russian Paralympic runs counter to the organization’s mission

Lecturer Faculty of Law at Stanford University, Ron Katz told the RT, that the decision taken by the International Paralympic Committee for the Russian athletes, runs counter to the mission of the organization.

“They just issue orders, be heard by the fate of athletes who work every day in order to achieve an important goal. I think they have some exceptional powers or authority to make such decisions. The International Paralympic Committee decided its mission to Paralympic chance to succeed in the sport . However, they are engaged in exactly the opposite: they are deprived of such opportunities, “- said Ron Katz.

In addition, according to him, the IGC there was no evidence that the Russian athletes have broken something. “There is no evidence that the Russian Paralympic team committed some crime. And if you do not brake, then punish you there is nothing. There are no precedents in the example has also been omitted. This is logical, because nothing like this had not happened! In my opinion, people who have taken out the decision to remove a Russian national team, is very far from reality you look at their headquarters:. it looks like the Palace of Versailles! ” - He added.

8 September 2016

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