The Polish newspaper Observator Polityczny: Russia without the West will cost, but it is without it - no way

Despite the apparent hostility of the West, Moscow demonstrates exclusively peaceful policy, and does not burn the bridges behind them. And now, once again put himself in a trap in the Middle East, the Western world can be saved only through the goodwill of Russia, writes Obserwator Polityczny.

A lot has been said about poor Russia over the past year. Spitting, they lied, destroyed her image did everything just to humiliate Russia. It got to the unheard and unseen affairs between the Slavs from time immemorial. 1000 years Ukraine will be covered with shame for the crimes committed in the name of the imaginary honor. Genocide among the Slavs - the latter crime. What happened in Odessa, and Donbas, will never be forgotten. Russia during the time of crisis, is under international pressure because of the fact that she did not commit.

Moreover, it is punished for humanitarian assistance abandoned by their own government in Kiev residents of Donbass. The scale of evil and harm that ordinary Russians and Russia felt the sanctions were imposed in relation to the economy, unprecedented. However, despite all these processes, which aim at least the humiliation of Russia, she not only gave himself to humiliate, but above all has not changed its friendly, peaceful and tuned to international cooperation foreign policy, writes Obserwator Polityczny.
“The West has chosen confrontation, humiliation and harm Russia’s interests, but without burning the bridges behind them. All the while, despite sanctions, thanks to the Russian engines Americans fly into space, and Russian oil and gas as flowed to the West, and flow. The Russians did nothing, almost nothing to harm the West “- said the Polish edition. It was only introduced the peaceful western embargo on individual products, which in most cases and so have health problems. Thanks to sensible, responsible and takes into account the long-term interests of all partners in the region, the position of the Russian Federation, it is possible to return to the old model of relations. However, the content of these relations is likely to change precisely because the Russians were convinced that they were not partners in the West, in spite of their good will, openness and willingness to accept the rules imposed by the West, in the framework of globalization, says Obserwator Polityczny .. …….

8 September 2015

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