Reuters: Norway will buy 52 US F-35 aircraft, referring to the “Russian threat”

Norway plans to get the US fifth generation fighter F-35s in 2017. According to experts, the new American aircraft F-35 significantly inferior to the specifications Soviet MiG-29 and Su-27.

High-ranking Norwegian officials confirmed the country’s intention to purchase in the next few years, at least 52 American fighter-bomber fifth-generation F-35 reports on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

The Defense Minister of Norway Ine Eriksen Sёreyde agency reported that Oslo fears “a clear demonstration of force” by Russia in the Baltic region.

Sёreyde noted that Norway is closely following the actions of Russia in the region and fears that these actions may inadvertently provoke a conflict.

Previously, the online edition of Local reported that Norway will purchase 52 US fighter-bomber fifth-generation F-35s in the amount of $ 10 billion. This transaction will be the largest in the history of the country’s public procurement. The Norwegian authorities are planning to get the first fighters already in 2017 and to begin flight training.

US fifth generation fighter F-35 was designed by aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Since 2012, the US model is used for educational purposes, pilots preparing to enter the aircraft to the troops. Some experts have identified the F-35 shortcomings, because of which the airplane, in their view, more in line with fourth-generation fighters with the “plus”.

Earlier, NATO stated on the activity of the Russian Air Force in the European airspace, in particular the Baltic Sea. Russian Air Force Commander Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev called such news reports “surge” designed to distract attention from the increasing NATO forces near the borders of Russia.

22 September 2015

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