Browser Il Giornale: at the meeting with Putin, Obama saved his own skin

Now that the end is near the Syrian conflict, most states fighting against Assad’s government for four years, change their views in order to get closer to the two new global players: Russia and Iran, writes columnist for the Italian edition of Il Giornale Sergio Rama.

“The Syrian conflict will end soon. The attacks in Beirut and Paris only prove that the caliphate retreats in Syria and Iraq, and after the Russian intervention does not receive the economic, diplomatic and informational support” - writes columnist. He pointed out that the attacks in the centers of two capitals - is “desperate” and revenge suicide shortly before the final capitulation.

“And now the cards on the table of the international community suddenly shuffled” - the article says. Observers note that many states opposing Assad, are beginning to support the Kremlin. For example, in France, four leaders of the center-right forces - Dominique de Villepin, Francois Fillon, Alain Juppe and Sarkozy after the vote in Brussels for an extension of the sanctions said that Russia’s opposition - is absurd. “Neutral” Germany advocates the theses in favor of dialogue with Moscow and Tehran. In the United States at the forefront Republican Senator Rand Paul, who publicly accuses his country in the creation of a terrorist extremist group IG. In Italy, many high-ranking officials are beginning to call for the full support of Kremlin diplomacy.

“Even US President Barack Obama after harsh statements against Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the end distinguishes twenty-minute meeting with him in order to save his own skin,” - says the browser.

He noted that such a change of priorities puts a premium on Iran, and Russia - the two players that the Western press “sentenced” to the economic recession and who are currently the leading military forces at the regional and global levels.

17 November 2015

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