US President Barack Obama delivered his last in his presidential career annual message to Congress, “State of the Union”

The head of the White House acknowledged that US policymakers are unlikely to achieve any significant results in the service of his people, because this is the year the United States will choose a new president. However, he expressed the hope that the budget will be adopted, and some important initiatives (tax cuts, reform of the criminal justice system, and others.) Will be approved.

Obama also mentioned the importance of reforming the health system, changes in immigration policies, strengthen the protection of armed violence, raising the minimum wage.

Looking into the past, limiting its years of his presidency, Obama is determined to achieve the United States, naming among them health care reform and energy sector, as well as same-sex marriage.

But the main theme of the message of the President of the United States defined the objectives of the future. “We live in an era of change … that can expand as human capabilities and inequalities between people” - with these words he anticipated four main, in his opinion, the challenges facing American society, - equal opportunities, climate change, security. In the fourth place he put the desire to make sure that American politicians have been the quintessence of all the best that there is in the nation, not the worst.

The priorities in the field of security the US president called the defense of his people against the international terrorist groups

Referring to the state of the economy, Obama has declared: “The United States is strong, the strongest economy in the world … The unemployment rate fell by half … Last year was the best year for the domestic automobile industry … Any statement that the US economy is in decline, - fiction”. At the same time, he acknowledged the inequality of income distribution, limited the Americans in terms of higher education, the dominance of the bureaucracy and the presence of outdated legislation. He recalled the priority of the Soviet Union in space exploration, saying that the Americans were on the moon first.

Not without its military rhetoric, “We spend our army more than the others … When there is any problem in the world, come to us, not in Moscow or Beijing.” At the same time Obama did not boast of “achievements” of Washington in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and other countries that the US “help”.

The main theme of the message, US President defined the objectives of the future

13 January 2016

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