The State Department could not answer the “inconvenient” Kurdish question Erdogan’s choice between Ankara and the Kurdish opposition in the Middle East

US State Departme[t:tag slug=vedomstvo]Department spokesman John Kirby during the regular briefing Minister could not answer the question about the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, converts to Washington: choose between Ankara and the Kurds. US agency representative went to answer, saying that Washington interacts with both parties.

“And the questions can not be with Turkey we are partners We are allies with Turkey and they will be no issues here…”, - Said Kirby.
Recall a week after Obama’s envoy visited the Kurdish-controlled city in Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Washington to choose as an ally, or Turkey, or the party of Syrian Kurds “Democratic Alliance”. “How can we trust you? Who are your partners?” - Erdogan said.

Reply by the representative of the State Department proved inconclusive, and journalist RT decided to clarify how it could turn out that Washington and interacts with Ankara, and with representatives of the Kurds, which Turkey considers to be terrorists. “How are you dealing with the situation in which one is your ally calls another terrorist ally?” - Addressed the question Chikakyan representative of the American diplomatic corps.
However, according to a representative of the Department of State, there is nothing complicated in this situation because the US does not consider the party of Syrian Kurds terrorists, but just the opposite - sure that its members are “effective fighters with IG in Syria.”

When asked who is more effective in the fight against IG - Turkey and the Kurds, John Kirby again answered evasively, saying that “each in its own benefit.”

Then the diplomat was asked to comment on the situation when the weapons that are provided to members of the Kurdish party, fall into the hands of terrorists and be used against Turkish army. The representative of the State Department could only reply that Washington knows about such messages, and “the situation is conducted close monitoring.”

Earlier, similar to the US position occupied in Syria, providing weapons opposition. But opposition to the training program failed because it was not possible to identify the “right people.” The question remains, why these armed men presented by the US Department of Defense as a valid and effective mechanism. In September 2015 the Pentagon announced that the Syrian soldiers, trained by American instructors, passed his arms extremist group “Al-Nusra Front,” in exchange for safe passage. Thus equipment fell straight into the hands of terrorists.

9 February 2016

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