Oshibochka out: CIA claims that accidentally deleted the only copy of his own controversial report on torture

In the apparatus of the CIA Inspector General “by mistake” was removed only own a copy of the scandalous report of torture. Despite the fact that the copies were in other departments, incidentally, it is said to have been destroyed, not only paper and the electronic version of the report, but also the hard drive on which to store information.

Source: rus.rt.com

The Office of the Inspector General of the CIA “accidentally” got rid of only belonging to it copies of the report is devoted to torture, applied after the September 11 attacks. Thus, the law violated the body responsible for legal compliance throughout the organization.

Deleting a copy belonging to the Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency, has caused a serious disturbance in the society. “It is surprising that such a thing could happen, especially in the Office of the Inspector General, because it is responsible for the accountability of the agency”, - quotes the English site RT law professor at New York City University Douglas Cox.

At the same time, as the Fox News Channel, “accidentally” destroyed both electronic and paper version. Moreover, the hard drive was destroyed, which kept a copy of the controversial report.

The document, in particular, according to the CIA on the use of so-called “reinforced interrogation techniques,” including sleep deprivation, water torture and not only. However, the full version of the report, containing 6.7 thousand. Pages, was never published.

After the US Senate released a 500-page version of the document, a copy of the full text were sent to the US authorities. However, in the office of the CIA genispektora received a drive, connect it to your network, and therefore destroyed it.

In the office said that it happened because, in 2015, the US Justice Department ordered federal agencies not to open a file that does not make it available to the public in accordance with the articles of the American Freedom of Information Act. However, the CIA decided that the order “not open” means to get rid of the file.

End justifies the means?

Recall that in late 2014, the Committee on Intelligence of the Senate of the US Congress was presented the official report on torture that US intelligence officers used against terrorist suspects since 2001.

In addition, it was reported on the systematic abuses of the CIA during the presidency of George W. Bush - younger, including torture disinformation of state bodies and society.

In 2015, the European Parliament also criticized the EU’s involvement in the CIA program, arguing that it has led to violations of basic human rights and should be immediately discontinued.

In 2016, the human rights organization “American Civil Liberties Union,” published 198 photographs, which show the results of torture used against prisoners by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Photos have been declassified as a result of legal proceedings against human rights defenders of the Pentagon, which lasted almost 12 years.

17 May 2016

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