Astronomers have found a planet potentially shrouded “lightning billions” with trillions of outbreaks each hour

Planet Kepler-10b in the constellation Cygnus, supposedly “charred” the gas giant’s core, can be enveloped in a kind of “blanket” of lightning flashes that trillions have to flash on the surface of each hour, according to an article accepted for publication in the journal MNRAS.

System Kepler-10, distant from us at a distance of 564 light years, is one of the “contrast” and a record of the planetary family, open outside the solar system. In the first place, it inhabits the first known rocky planet Kepler-10b, whose radius of just 1.5 times larger than the Earth.

Secondly, it is present so-called “mega-Earth” Kepler-10c, which many astronomers believe the largest Earth-like planets for today and fondly called “Space Godzilla” because of its mass, density and size - it is about 17 times more land. Recently, in its existence, astronomers began to doubt its existence, and Kepler-10b, many planetary scientists believe is not “whole” planet, as the core of “burnt” gas giant.

Paul Rimmer (Paul Rimmer) from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and colleagues have added another very exotic detail in the submitted us look Kepler-10b, trying to figure out how often lightning must appear on Earth-like planets, gas giants and brown dwarfs for outside our solar system.

As Rimmer says such a study led them to hold that the “Hubble” and several other telescopes have found many clouds in the atmosphere in recent years has opened “hot Jupiters” and brown dwarfs and other weather phenomena and signs of surface activity. This led scientists to believe that in these clouds, consisting of silicon metal droplets and vapors may arise about lightning in the same way as on Earth.

They tried to find out whether this is so, having considered the risk of lightning on such celestial bodies, using data obtained from the observation of the birth of lightning in volcanic emissions on the Earth and in its atmosphere, as well as in the air envelopes of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

These researchers used data in order to understand how such lightning can be seen on the surface of exoplanets by watching them with the help of telescopes available today. Similar calculations were then tested for exoplanet HD 189733b, having a “hellish” atmosphere, whose temperature exceeds three thousand degrees Celsius.

As it turned out, most in the occurrence frequency of lightning will affect the extent to which high surface temperature of the planet and how often it occurs volcanoes. For the world-class Kepler-10b, almost touches the outer shells of its luminaries, lightning speed on its surface will be really fantastic.

Every hour on the surface will be a trillion bits of electricity, and virtually the entire planet is enveloped in a kind of blanket of lightning. This phenomenon, as the calculations of astronomers shows can be seen from the presence of sulfur dioxide, the lines in the spectrum of Kepler-10b, which can be done after the launch telescope “James Webb” TESS is and, with sufficient sensitivity for this.

4 July 2016

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