Mike Tyson used a dildo for doping tests

American boxer Mike Tyson has used a dildo to fool inspectors who took his doping test after the fights. This was Tyson himself wrote in a memoir, “The undisputed truth” (Undisputed Truth), which went on sale on November 12. Tyson said that he had to resort to cheating on drug tests because it is constantly used cocaine and marijuana, writes British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

The idea of ​​using a dildo came to Tyson before the fight with Lou Savarese in 2000. Since then, the boxer was cheating doping inspectors so after each match.

Tyson wrote that before every fight he snorted cocaine and smoked marijuana, and when it was necessary to pass a doping test, using a dildo, a pre-filled alien urine. A positive test for marijuana after the fight with Andrew Golota in 2000 (when the boxer was fined 200,000 dollars) Tyson explained that the members of his team did not have time to give him a dildo.

Tyson wrote in his memoirs that he first tried cocaine when he was 11 years old, and during his boxing career was taking drugs regularly. American also admitted that in 2002, when he was at the press conference was bitten by a British boxer Lennox Lewis in the leg, he did it while under the influence of cocaine.

Tyson in 1987 (he was 20) became the youngest undisputed world champion in the heavyweight division in boxing history. Tyson’s career was interrupted in 1992, when he was given a prison sentence for rape. In 1995, he returned to the ring and performed until 2005, but is not so successful. During his career Tyson had 58 fights, won 50 wins (44 - KO) and suffered six defeats. Two fights involving fighters were declared invalid.

13 November 2013

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