Media learned about the new action plan of the Pentagon against Russia

The Ministry of Defense of the United States is developing a new action plan against Russia, wrote US media, citing sources in military circles. As noted, this is the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The plan provides for two options - the US actions in the framework of NATO and outside the structure of the military unit. Also, the Pentagon intends to take account of the threat of cyber attacks from Moscow.

The US military has begun to develop a new action plan for Russia. This writes Foreign Policy magazine, citing a number of former and current employees of the Pentagon and the US State Department.

“The Pentagon is constantly considering plans for the future, taking into account all possible scenarios. However, the work on these plans is carried out according to their importance and how likely certain events”, - quotes the American edition TASS.

As noted in his journal article, US Department of Defense is now “shakes the dust off those plans and reviewing them, changing them in order to reflect the geopolitical realities.”

The Pentagon believes that the United States “must be supplemented by the response plans that we have for a possible aggression against any of the NATO allies.” This aggression was expected from Russia.

The new plans include the US military as the US actions in the framework of NATO and outside the structure of the military unit. The Pentagon also will take into account the possible threat of cyber attacks. “They are trying to determine the circumstances under which the Pentagon would respond to a cyberattack,” - said FP former Deputy Presidential Adviser on National Security Julie Smith. She added that discussions on these issues are at the moment.

It is worth noting that in just a few hours before the publication of an article in Foreign Policy in the Defense Ministry reported the conversation the head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergey Shoigu with his US counterpart Ashton Carter. They noted the restoration of contacts between the Defense Ministries of the two countries and agreed to continue consultations.

In addition, Carter and Shoigu discussed the situation in the Middle East in general and the situation in Syria and Iraq. “At the center of attention - the need to coordinate bilateral and multilateral efforts to combat international terrorism”, - reported in the Ministry of Defense.

19 September 2015

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