Geopolitical merrymaking America untied the hands of Erdogan in the Middle East. New Port targeting Iraq

Turks downed Russian plane opened a Pandora’s box and started an uncontrollable or hardly controllable chain of events. Hardly Erdogan when to order the destruction of the SU-24, knew where it leads.

Erdogan, losing control of the situation, I decided to raise interest rates to a historic high.

Downed bomber was on the one hand demonstration Ankara that no one is allowed to challenge its interests in the region (and Russia, saving already seemed doomed Assad has crossed all the plans of the Turks, and strikes on fuel trucks, which transported purchased by the Turks at the LIH oil, was the last straw patience). On the other hand, a gesture of despair -Demonstration that Turkey has nothing to lose. Hardly Erdogan believed that Putin would start a war “in otvetku.” And hardly believed that Moscow will lower all on brakes. He did not care - he just acted like a beast, which is cornered, and set fire to the tail. A tail, as it turned out, was a long, bloody, and personally brought the family of the Turkish president a lot of money.

Now what? I left out a multibillion-dollar losses from the rupture of trade relations, collapse with exceptional projects, ban on work in the Russian and Turkish citizens loss Turkish Russian tourists.

The sky over Syria closed for Turkey. According to Turkish journalists, the Turkish Air Force is prohibited to carry out operations in the airspace of Syria to the “second political directives.” From November 24, when he was shot down by a Russian aircraft, the Turkish air force did not participate in any operation in the airspace of Syria.

Expected support from NATO, Turkey has not received, though I do not think anyone really believed that NATO would be at war with Russia over Turkey, which the West has always been the weakest link in the Euro-Atlantic alliance.

Moreover, the West, which has not seen the point in denying the obvious and save the drowning ally, demanded the closure of the border with Syria, through which move freely, not only stolen oil, but also the militants. Pressure on Ankara began after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Turkey promised that if the border is not closed, and repeated terrorist attacks in Europe - it will at Turkey. “The game has changed, and the border is to be sealed,” - said one of the interlocutors Wall Street Journal. Washington has warned Ankara that it could face “serious response”. However, Ankara has declared that she will understand and manage without tips anyone whatsoever, including, and “American partners”.

After Russia has provided evidence that Turkey sells igilovskoy oil, America is again not in a hurry to react to this information. But when Erdogan reached in Iraq, effectively annexing part of its territory, it was impossible not to respond. December 11 The US Treasury acknowledged Ankara purchase oil from the IG, and even estimated monthly income terrorists from illegal oil trade, calling Turkey a major “customers.”

12 December 2015

Pentagon: as a result of air strikes killed three leaders of LIH. Among the 350 dead militants ¬- the main financier of the terrorist group
US general: Russia can easily cut the US allies in NATO from the Baltic

• Expert: US irritating Turkey's cooperation with Russia »»»
Trade turnover between Russia and Turkey has increased after the introduction of the Russian side of the embargo on the import of agricultural products from the West.
• The State Department could not answer the "inconvenient" Kurdish question Erdogan's choice between Ankara and the Kurdish opposition in the Middle East »»»
US State Department spokesman John Kirby during the regular briefing Minister could not answer the question about the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
• Russia initiates a meeting of the UN Security Council on the activities of Turkey in Syria and Iraq - sources »»»
Paneer Russia on Tuesday to convene a closed session of the UN Security Council to discuss the question of Turkey's actions in Syria and Iraq.
• Air war. As NATO planes destroyed the USSR »»»
During the Cold War, the Soviet Air Force shot down over two dozen aircraft invaded the airspace of the Soviet Union or suspected of such an invasion.
• U.S. threatens to abandon arms to Turkey »»»
President Barack Obama has personally warned the Prime Minister of Turkey.

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