“Return to the passed” (The Pentagon: No Russian RD-180 rocket our stay on Earth)

The Pentagon intends to persuade Congress to postpone the abandonment of purchases Russian RD-180. One of the arguments is the need to review in this case, the construction of rockets. This was announced by the Commander of the Center for Space and Missile Systems, Air Force Lt. Gen. Samuel Graves.

“Extreme option for us -. It if we have to just change the engines will have to be to watch what they are compatible not only with the first, but the second stage (rocket -. RT). This can be done, but this is not the way that we recommend to the Congress, and we hope to convince Congress this year (not to abandon the RD-180 -. RT) … If we will not be able to fly at the RD-180 missiles will remain in the world “- quoted by Tass Graves.

Earlier, a proposal to stop purchasing Russian engines for missiles made by the head of the US Senate Committee on Armed Services Committee John McCain and Rep Kevin McCarthy.

20 February 2016

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• US abandoned Russian rocket engines? (In the United States is preparing a bill that prohibits the purchase of Russian engines for missiles Atlas 5) »»»
Ban on further purchases in the US Russian RD-180 engines for missiles Atlas 5 provides an appropriations bill for military purposes in the 2015 fiscal year.
• Russia for 15-25 years will put US 60 rocket engine RD-181 »»»
The Russian government has issued a permit NGOs "Energomash" and
• Rogozin: United States decided not to reduce the purchase of rocket engines in Russia »»»
America "came to life after the sanctions burn" and is ready to increase the purchase of Russian rocket engines, told journalists on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.
Several U.S. senators voted Thursday to end purchases from Russian Mi-17 helicopters for the army of Afghanistan.
• US, Russia ordered another 20 RD-180 »»»
The company United Launch Alliance, a joint venture corporation "Boeing" and "Lockheed Martin", announced the purchase of another large batch of rocket engines RD-180.

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