CNN reporter found out why Putin is popular in Russia

Leading channel CNN, Fareed Zakaria, who led the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), called the reasons Russian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity.

“He rarely communicates with foreign media”, - said Zachary in the video on the channel’s website. He acknowledged that for him “the most interesting thing was to be a Putin in one room before the meeting.”

“He is very fluent in English, without much emphasis,” - said the TV reporter.

Zakaria believes that the Russian leader “himself a little shy,” his English. “We talked to him about it then, and I said that it is possible to think hard to ever give interviews at least partially in English he said. No, no, my English is very bad What’s really true. , “- said the reporter.

According to Zakaria, Putin is “very smart and well prepared.” “. He has a special look at the story I would call it a national view, the center of which - Russia“, - he added.

Anchorman also called “clear why Putin is so popular in Russia.”

“He is confident, it comes from the force”, - the journalist said.

Fragments SPIEF meeting with Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Renzi was shown on Sunday on CNN in the author’s program Zakaria Fareed Zakaria GPS.

20 June 2016

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