Department of State: To combat the IG must overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad

Anonymous sources in the US government told CNN, that President Obama ordered to reconsider strategy against “Islamic state” in Syria. However, the White House and the State Department claim that it is only a rumor and no official orders have been received.

“But if the president did not give the order for the revision of the strategy - I will not ask you to speak for him, - and so, if he does not ask for a review - why? Unless of course he does not think that everything is going according to plan? So why not review the strategy? “- asked a question such AssociatedPress reporter Matt Lee, referring to the US State Department spokesman Jen Psak. “I suppose no one satisfied with the current situation. I think it’s clear,” - said Psak.

The same sources in the administration, who requested anonymity, said that Barack Obama now considers the overthrow of Bashar Assad prerequisite for the victory over the “Islamic state”.

However, the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel said yesterday that even if now depose Assad, it does not allow to quickly and completely change the situation in Syria.

Although the State Department spokesman did not confirm that the removal of Assad is an element of a new strategy aimed at combating “Islamic state”, answering the question of RT, Psak stressed that the US continue to believe Assad main magnet for terrorists in Syria. “Obviously, the political changes significantly contribute to the establishment of greater stability in the region” - said Psak.

Thus, in the present moment rather contradictory statements Washington. America strongly rejected the proposal of the government of Assad on cooperation in the fight against “Islamic state”. So far, the United States stated that their strategy is to prepare and arming Syrian rebels so that they can overcome the “Islamic state”, and then the Assad government.

This strategy has caused great concern, in particular, the fact that it can greatly prolong the war.

14 November 2014

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