US analyst: Obama speaks disparagingly about Putin and the king again and again proves that better than us

From the point of view does not mince words Western commentators, Vladimir Putin, King of All Russia - not more than boorish buffoon, doomed to ultimate defeat. In my own opinion, he’s a genius.


In fact, this guy I do not like, but nevertheless, I feel respect for his talents. Last time in history when some unimportant country committed equally successful maneuver like Putin’s Russia, occurred in 1203. Then Venice sent a cunning Fourth Crusade to conquer the Christian Constantinople, while receiving wealth and power, and at the same time destroying the main bastion of Europe against Islam, which led to seven centuries of jihad.

Putin’s show of strength in the end will not bring Europe any good. However, as the ruler of medieval Venice, Putin is very good at what they do.

Coming to power at a time when Russia was on the blades, Putin revived her national pride, regained hope for the return of former power. One of its main advantages is that Western commentators believe his weakness: he is not a professional politician. He did not walk in his time in the right school and does not know how to behave properly. He was only a “modest” KGB lieutenant colonel. He is rude and brutal. Therefore, our hypocritical and pampered elite spent a decade and a half on the mockery of Putin. He spent the years enriched the country, revive its armed forces, the expansion of its territory and increase influence abroad, as well as the United States humiliated.

Putin harshly punished Georgia returned Crimea to Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, and only a month ago, he rekindled the armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia, to force to force oil-rich Azerbaijan to abandon its flirtation with the West.

Putin supports Iran and equips it with modern air defense systems, able to do so, that any strike by the US or Israel would cost him painfully expensive.

He held a very successful military campaign in Syria, crushing the weak American customers and prompting a new wave of refugees, which will lead to further collapse of the European Union. And at the same time he made the authorities of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad more stable than before the start of the uprising and civil war.

He was obviously fighting not in his weight class, when it comes to NATO. Arranging a dangerous provocation after another, he shows no sign of willingness to retreat. Instead, he was clearly having fun, knocking confusing the United States and its president.

On Thursday, his representative in the first two years, summit of the NATO-Russia cynically turned the situation upside down, saying that in each collision is America acted as the aggressor, including the cases of a dangerous convergence during overflights of American destroyer in the Baltic Sea. Man Putin simply chastised our naval forces for their irresponsible negligence.


These incidents at sea and many similar cases in the sky perplexing “apparatchiks” in the western research centers that accept these actions as counterproductive acts and evidence of bad manners. However, look at the situation through the eyes of Putin.

That is why, for example, it reaches, when his aircraft fly directly over the deck of our warships:

- It sends a signal to NATO (especially a new one, the most eastern members): “Hey, look, the Americans can not even protect themselves that you really hope that they will protect you?”;

- It sends a signal to Russian, it’s the American army, not Russian, is weak and unfit for action;

- Its experts in collecting intelligence studying our electronic systems in these demonstrative overflights committed, by the way, obsolete aircraft;

- He gradually teaches us to his aggressive behavior, testing the ability to refrain from “excessive reaction”;

- Russian perfectly aware of the low morale in our affected scandals Navy. In addition, they enthusiastically watched the Iranians captured and tortured by our sailors, and then got appreciation from our Secretary of State for the settlement of the crisis, which they had created. Today, Russian are sure that they get away with it, as long as Obama remains in office.

Putin does not care about the fact that our elite thinks of him. He plays to a global audience. And the audience sees how he dared and lucky while we look frightened and ineffective.

Of course, the last way to protect the dignity of the Washington establishment is the spirits spell economic disaster insistence that going to the bottom of the Russian economy will not be able to survive in conditions of blatant mismanagement.

Indeed, Putin’s Russia’s economy suffered a serious “hole”, mainly due to the drop in oil prices and partly due to Western sanctions. However, the ruble and Russia’s international reserves have stabilized. Import substitution gradually bearing fruit. At the same time the price of oil again, slowly creeping up.

The financial situation of Russian today is much better than before the advent of Putin, and most importantly, they hope that life will improve. Deprivation, which would lead Americans into shock, are not even notice. And Putin’s control system in the economic downturn works simply masterful. His popularity rating is still higher than that of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump together.

Unlike our leaders, Putin knows his people. He came from the street, not Harvard. A Russian centuries believe in the myth of the “good king”, but when faced with fraud and corruption, sigh with regret, “But if the king found out about it …”

Putin spreading this myth through television and the Internet. His four-hour “audience” - a brilliant theatrical performances. He takes calls and emails complaining of perennial Russian problem: bad roads, corrupt and thievish authorities, non-payment of wages at the cannery. However, a wave of the hand - and all the hardships and troubles disappear. When we stop to underestimate Putin? Western leaders come and go, but Putin still in power. Perhaps it will remain on his throne, and after the next two to three American presidents leave the Oval Office.

And today he is used to winning. He has, as I said, there is simply no reverse gear. It will move forward until such time as the wall abuts.

That’s just no wall does not really exist …

The author, Ralph Peters - writer and journalist, a military expert, Master of International Relations, a strategic analyst at the channel “Fox News”, in the past - US military intelligence officer

26 April 2016

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