Trump said that China “raping” the US


MOSCOW, May 2 - RIA Novosti. US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump has criticized Chinese trade policy, CNN reported.

“We can not continue to allow China to force our country - and this is exactly what they do” - said Trump at a campaign rally in Indiana.

It clarifies CNN, under the “rape” Tram understands the situation in which China surpasses the US in international trade.

The billionaire has repeatedly accused China of currency manipulation, by which export products of China allegedly become more competitive in the global market.

In terms of policy, it harms American companies and their employees.

Speaking in Indiana, Trump has promised to change this situation. “We’ll change all the cards we have, do not forget about it.”, - He said.

Trump also said that China is not angry, and “extremely incompetent American leaders.”

Donald Trump is known for sharp and provocative statements, including the address of the current US President Barack Obama, as well as on many issues of world politics. In this Trump is the undisputed leader of the election campaign the Republicans - because he has already said that he was confident of victory in the primaries, as scored more than a thousand votes of the delegates. In order to become a presidential candidate from the Republican Party, we need to enlist the support of 1237 delegates of the 2472 participants of the Party Congress.

2 May 2016

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