“American Free Press”: Sanctions against Russia doomed?

Attempts to USA, European Union and Zionist plutocrats isolate Russia and hurt its people through economic sanctions are doomed to fail if the latest news from Central and Eastern Europe untrue.

According to German newspaper National-Zeitung, Austria showed the nose of the Brussels bureaucracy, bringing the time of construction of the pipeline, which will supply natural gas to the country without passing through politically unstable Ukraine. Pipeline “South Stream” project is part of a multi-channel diversification of energy supplies, which began in 2007, the Russian oil and gas giant “Gazprom” and aimed at increasing the level and stability of energy supplies to the European continent.

During the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Vienna, which he made in June this year, the Austrian energy group OMV has signed several contracts with “Gazprom” for the construction of the Austrian section of the pipeline through which natural gas will be supplied to a country in Central Europe by December 2015 year. According to numerous offshoots of the Russian gas pipeline planned to deliver in Italy and Germany.

Russian section of the pipeline has been laid under the Black Sea, and at the moment he built his site, which passes through the territory of Bulgaria.

Benefit from this project will also be able to extract Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, as well as, possibly, Greece and Montenegro. Some of these countries are totally dependent on Russian energy supplies. In addition, “Gazprom” has concluded partnership agreements with corporations in other European countries such as France.

United States imposed economic sanctions against the Russian bear, based on the false assumption that Putin was responsible for the political turmoil in Ukraine. United States pressured the EU apparatchiks who do not like, too, to impose sanctions.

However, all this is just a facade, because most continental European countries have significant trade interests in Russia. Sanctions the United States and the European Union is likely to cause harm only to our European “allies, vassals” rather than Russia, because Russia is now actively seeking alternative markets, particularly in China.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurtz (Sebastian Kurz) rejected criticism of the representatives of the European Union: “We do not need to increase the number of suppliers. Rather, we need to diversify the routes along which the energy available to us.” In other words, it is necessary to close once and for all the question of Ukrainian bottleneck.

To date, the EU was able to persuade the Bulgarian government to suspend construction of the “South Stream” through the country on the pretext that the bilateral contracts with Russian companies partner countries violate the rules of the European Union, prohibiting companies producing gas ………. .

6 October 2014

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According to the European Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht at a meeting with reporters in Washington.

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