American companies bypass the sanctions for partnership with Russia

Term of sanctions introduced by the European Union against the Russian Federation in connection with the events in Ukraine, expires in September 2015. European leaders are going to meet and discuss their possible extension. However, American companies manage to work with Russia, despite the fact that the US is the initiator of the restrictive measures. The details - RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan.

When at stake profitable trade, the Cold War can wait. The Texas company Bell - manufacturer of civil helicopters - has signed an agreement with Russia on the issue of the organization of American aircrafts in the Urals, despite the fact that the head of this company is listed in the US sanctions list. German weekly magazine Der Spiegel wrote with indignation about this transaction, paying attention to how costly European anti-Russian sanctions.

As a result of restrictive measures European trade with Russia fell by $ 40 billion. The volume of trade with Germany alone fell by 37%. For comparison - the US lost a total of about $ 4 billion.

“The Obama administration is using Europe as a buffer that protects the United States from the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions. And they really hit the European business and trade” - says Gregory Copley, editor Defense & amp; Foreign Affairs Journal.

Forcing the allies to impose sanctions themselves from the United States are hardly affected. Many US companies that have cooperated with local partners before the conflict in Ukraine, and now retain business relations with them. Among them - the corporation Boeing, was extended in 2014, a long-term contract with the Russian steel company, and Orbital Sciences Corporation, rockets and satellites: she ordered, “Energomash” rocket motors.

US officials always emphasize: sanctions are designed to inflict as little harm business in the United States. So it turns out, however, many European companies have found themselves in that situation. They believe that they are suffering from the most restrictive measures.

3 June 2015

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