The White House did not rule out sanctions against China because of hacker attacks

A spokesman for the White House Joshua Ernest Monday did not rule out sanctions against China due to hacker attacks, responsibility for which Washington imposes on Beijing.

Official representative of the US president was asked about whether imposed sanctions on the Chinese side before the visit of President Xi Jinping. “I have no information on the date (the introduction of) sanctions. And it is typical for that sanctions policy that we are pursuing - not talking about it in advance, so as not to allow potential targets of these sanctions to take action and try to avoid them (restrictions), before they They fall under the “- said Ernest.

About a week ago, the US media reported that the US plans in the coming days to impose sanctions against a number of Chinese individuals and organizations involved in such activities. At the same time, many experts have suggested that the move will be delayed due to the upcoming visit of President Hu to Washington. In any case, it is expected that this issue will be touched upon at the talks Obama with Xi Jinping at the White House.

Recently, the US administration is subject to frequent cyber attacks. One of the latest was the hacking of the system to send e-mail Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Sun states in late July. The largest incident of this kind in the country took place in early July. Then officials from the personnel management of the US government have recognized that unknown hackers gained access to personal data of more than 25 million people, including former and current government employees. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper blamed for breaking HR database on Chinese hackers.

Earlier, the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported that Barack Obama and Xi Jinping will meet in Washington on September 25. According to the agency, the Chinese leader will be in Washington from 24 to 26 September. On the second day of the visit, Xi Jinping in Washington, in addition to talks with Obama scheduled a dinner. As reported by Kyodo, Hu will also meet with US lawmakers, however speech in Congress is not scheduled. Then, according to the agency, Xi Jinping will travel to New York, where he will participate in a session of the UN General Assembly.

15 September 2015

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