Trump: the United States spends billions of dollars, not knowing who to support

Providing support to other countries, the US does not know who is actually maintained, said contender for the presidency billionaire Donald Trump in an interview to CNN.
“We always give weapons, we allocate billions of dollars on weapons, and they turn them against us. In our hands no control. So we do not know who we should support it. Do not even know who we support,” - he said.
The billionaire said that the US should not try to play the role of “police for the whole world.”
Also, according to Trump, Russia launched air strikes on the positions of the radical group “Islamic State” in Syria as “not want to come to the IG, and it will be the next step.”
International law permits the use of force on the territory of a foreign state or by a decision of the UN Security Council or in self-defense, or at the request of the authorities of that State. Russia launched air strikes on the positions of the IG in Syria in response to a request from the President of the country Bashar al-Assad. At the same coalition led by the US in September 2014 strikes on the positions of the IG in Syria bypassing the UN Security Council and coordinates its activities with the Syrian authorities.

1 October 2015

US changed position on Syria
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• Moscow and Washington on the brink of war in Syria mediated. The Russian and American weapons being drawn into the conflict »»»
The opposition in Syria is becoming increasingly fierce. In response to an offensive of the government troops.
• Obama signed into law training and arming the Syrian opposition »»»
President Barack Obama signed a law allowing the American military to train and equip armed men "moderate" of the Syrian opposition, reports the Associated Press.
• Zbigniew Brzezinski: Russia's military operation in Syria jeopardize the credibility of the United States »»»
Air strikes that Russia allegedly caused by US-backed Syrian factions
• Russia and China have used the veto against the UN Security Council resolution on Syria »»»
Representatives of the Russian Federation and China in the UN Security Council to veto the vote on draft resolution calling for a significant tightening of sanctions against Syria.
Syrian air defenses, with the latest Russian-made rockets, will create serious problems of the Western Force in the case of attempts to establish control over the airspace of the country.

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