To combat bad behavior teen parents in Florida offer one day put them in jail

Sheriffs are concerned about the new reality, which has to face the parents and children: drugs, guns, blood pressure and the media, and increasingly difficult to give children proper guidance in life and to protect them from the new realities.
Many parents also do not know what are the legal methods to return the child to the right path.
V.A.M Program (Brevard Attitude Modification) involves placement of adolescents aged 10 to 17 years in prison to give them a realistic idea of ​​how much can make the wrong decision and “bad company”. The program also gives young people an alternative way, and guide how to make the right choices in the future. The program is designed to help parents whose children are mixed up in trouble, bad company, went downhill.

On a certain day teens are going to a judge of the District Court and sentenced to the program V.A.M. Then they handcuffed, shackled and loaded into a bus that takes them to the venue of the program. After arriving they change into prison clothes and housed in the cells. Interactive program simulates real life in prison, with guards and prisoners.
Teens have their own skin to see what life in prison, and what consequences their actions can have.
Phenomenal program was created to show the effects of anti-social behavior, bad companies and violation of the law. The program gives young people a healthy dose of realism and reveals the danger of alcohol and drug use. Teens also learn to make smart decisions under the pressure of peers and friends.
“We do not just teach them what to do, but also to give instructions and guidance for their future new life.”

* This is a free translation of the article “It’s time to be a parent again”, written by sheriff Wayne Ivey.
The home of “It’s time to be a parent again”
PDF of the newspaper with the article (newspaper distributed to parents of schoolchildren in Brevard county in Florida, USA) Open this link via Google Translate

15 March 2016

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