New automated algorithm of Facebook put forward on the first place among “popular” news false information (fake)

Facebook has dismissed part of the staff responsible for the formation of the block “Popular” (Trending) - tapes with the most discussed news. Then the company announced the service automation.

The results were “disastrous.” Fully automated process brought false in the top story of the employee channel Fox News Medzhin Kelly with the headline: “Fox News exposed the traitor Medzhin Kelly and fired her for support Hillary (Clinton).” The publication writes that Kelly is still working on the television and did not express support for a candidate for US president from the Democrats.

In addition to the story of Kelly, the robot algorithm began to show users of social network links to other false “news.” Later, Facebook removed the offending article.

30 August 2016

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In the social networking site Facebook prohibits the publication of images of nursing mothers in cases where the photographs show her nipples.
• Google has patented technology of automated responses in social networks »»»
Internet giant Google has patented technology that allows the user to automate social networking.
• Analog News2 decided to abandon the system of voting for the news »»»
Over the next few weeks, social news site Sphinn, created in 2007 for internet marketers and SEO-optimizers, abandon voting system for the news.
In the U.S. employers in hiring demand from future employees personal passwords to social networks.
• Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized the American news channels »»»
Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered a devastating criticism of the American news channels.

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