In the United States, died in custody Russian

Russian Igor Zyazin, information which confirmed the death on Tuesday the US authorities in April of this year trying to enter the US from Mexico legally, then found himself in custody. This was reported on Tuesday Tass representative of the Immigration and US Customs Service in San Diego Lauren Mack.

The Russian did not try to break the law

In an official statement on this matter reads as follows: “Zyazin was transferred to Immigration and Customs Service of the United States and taken into custody on April 24 after he tried to enter the United States through the checkpoint of San Isidro Zyazin at the checkpoint showed a Russian passport staff service and customs. border controls, which subsequently established that he was deported from the country (the United States) in 2009. ” if he tried to get into the United States legally or not, is not specified.

Mack explained that, “as a rule, people who try to sneak into the country, make some illegal actions: they are hiding in cars, looking for workarounds.” In the case of 46-year-old Zyazina as she pointed out, the situation was different. “He was trying to enter the country legally, he clearly told the staff about their intentions to do so, he did not try to sneak in secret”, - said Mack.

Which country Zyazina deported in 2009, the immigration authorities did not explain. Poppy in this regard, said: “We are, as a rule, do not send Russian citizens in Mexico, and in this case it would be unusual.”

The service statement said that at a time when Zyazin was in custody, he “expected a meeting with an employee of the Service of Citizenship and Immigration to determine the next steps in this matter.” In addition, it is reported that “the database scan showed that he had no criminal convictions in the United States.”

Conditions of detention

Zyazin died on Sunday night at the detention center near San Diego (CA). Staff offices and staff of emergency services tried to give him medical treatment. The death of men was fixed when it was being taken to hospital.

Answering the question of the conditions under which contain the Russians, Mak said: “He was on his bed in a residential area, it was not solitary confinement.” She also confirmed that US citizenship in Zyazina was not.

Why dead man is still unknown. The statement said US Immigration and Customs Service, “the official cause of death will be determined by a pathologist in San Diego.” When that happens, it is not specified. The Russian Consulate General in San Francisco Tass confirmed that informed about the incident.

4 May 2016

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