Official representatives of the German government reported that Iran will try to attack U.S. military bases in Germany, if Washington will make an attack against Tehran’s nuclear program.

On Thursday the newspaper reported Bild.

According to the newspaper, the German secret service investigated with regard to the German businessman who is suspected of having secret contacts with the Iranian Embassy in Berlin, and to assist in planning an attack on the U.S. Air Force base located in the country.

The purpose of the attack, the report says, is a failure of logistics activities undertaken by the United States needed to conduct a military operation against Iranian nuclear facilities.

In a confidential document leaked to the newspaper, said that the office of the German chief prosecutor claims that the businessman is suspected of involvement in the activities of “espionage and sabotage.”

According to estimates of the publication, the suspect was engaged in intelligence gathering for a possible attack on dozens of U.S. military bases in West Germany.

According to the report, potential targets include the runways at military bases, which are used by the U.S. Army and NATO forces.

The report was published the next day, after Germany withdrew its ambassador in Tehran, after the storming of the British Embassy on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Thursday, agreed on a list of 180 Iranian individuals and organizations against which the EU will be sanctioned.

The pressure on Iran has been strengthened since the publication of the report of the International Atomic Energy Agency, November 8, which contained a proposal that Iran is working on designing a nuclear bomb.

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